Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Microfiction Again

Picture Credit: Grandma's Goulash - Succinctly yours


Resplendent in a blue suit
Grandma is trying to keep pace
Mindful of the carpet
She inched slowly
She was once lost
When she missed a turn

(139 characters)
(Note: I used to love Susan's Microfiction before but it was discontinued. I just got onto Grandma's and I welcome Grandma's with open arms)

Inspired by Grandma's Goulash with prompt - resplendent


  1. Impressive - I am always amazed at the standards these can achieve.

  2. kaykuala,

    A delightful picture captured with very well chosen words. I can see her!!!

    Thank you for your supportive comments and visits to my Blog. Much appreciated.

  3. Took the pic and made it your own
    Through words that might make a grandma phone
    If she doesn't miss that turn
    And get a bad sun burn

  4. Hank — it seems all the old ladies tried to make this one do exciting things, and you have made her act her age. LOL
    I think you'll have fun with this meme.
    Re: Dad's river books, I'm almost certain they're still available on Amazon. Just search Gordon Davies Living Rivers, there are two volumes (the publishing company changed its name in between). There's a third, but it's along the lines of how-and-where to catch big fish in BC, so it lacks the beauty of the first two.

  5. your description of the pictures are always wonderful..

    love it!


  6. She was once lost
    When she missed a turn...oh they get so easily lost at this age...so easily

  7. Grandmas can both be really useful, and I hate to say it, but annoying. Maybe it's just in my experience?... Anyone?

  8. scary when that happens to a family member...not sure i ever want to be there...

  9. This is cute and wonderful, Grandma is cute and wonderful.

  10. I could visualize this story without the picture. Nicely done.

    Welcome back to microfiction. Sorry you had trouble locating the linky. You can always find the post through the Meme dropdown on my menu bar. The Linky has been misbehaving lately and doesn't always show up. Usually a refresh does the trick. I've added you to this week - the Linky stays open through Saturday, so you're not a bit late.

  11. Made me take stock as I;m a grandmother.....yet don't feel my age....well I'm not that old.

    Enjoyed the read Hank.

  12. Hank, this is just lovely. Reminds me of my grandma.


  13. I'm glad Grandma keeps on keeping on! You get extra credit for "resplendent." Good one.

  14. That's the post out of pic but never appear the one..both suit so best!