Sunday, January 15, 2017

Misgivings of global warming

                                                                                           Attribution: Vaido Otsar
Image: Nice cool effects (here)
11 of 12 given words:
wake shrill blue ribbon draw circle 
water sense peak become singed

The lake used to quiver in the early hours to
wake up the sleepy heads with shrill cries
melodiously shared of migratory birds and
crickets seemingly competing with each other

Levels had shrunk to below the blue ribbon
an imaginary line drawn at the top to circle
around the expanse of the water surface

Misgivings of global warming which seem
sluggish lately but in a sense yet to peak in any
serious discussions on what had become of it

The fossil fuels lobby had singed the scientific
consensus by supporting efforts to undermine
or even to discredit them of their findings

Brenda's Sunday's Whirl Wordle #282
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #336

Friday, January 13, 2017

happily with whatever little at one's disposal

                                                                                   Attribution: Yumi Kimura
Image: Happy and Smiling Cat (here)

12 given words:
glimmering well coins, thrown, turning something, 
,place, slips source still  grief, breathe,

glimmerings of the familiar.all too well seen
politicians greedily hoarding the poor happily sharing
coins thrown at beggars whilst son's big losses at gambling
had parents who bequeathed them turning in their graves
something not quite right in life's cycle of might

in other ordinary situations and at different places
there were also slips somehow from varied sources

more knowledge acquired but showed less wisdom
having virtual friends aplenty but still feeling lonely
to turn grief to laughter watching a TV comedy
ended laughing alone but sharing the joke with many

breathe easy not bothered with little distractions
live life to the fullest endorsed by peers or otherwise
but satisfied with inputs extended to helping others
happily with whatever little at one's disposal

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #94
Grace's at d'Verse's OLN #187

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Initiates a beginning

                                                                                        Attribution: T.K. Naliaka
Image: An opened baobab fruit, with all
the whitish opaque pulp dissolved off and
removed, to show only the seeds (here)

Phenomenon set
Initiates a beginning
Seed on the ground in
all innocence pushing roots
and shoots to extend lineage

Sustains nature's best
Small creatures or humankind
Embedded within
Blessed be strain in feeding mouths
of expanding human growth

Chev's Carpe Diem #1120  -  seed
Marian's at Real Toad's  -  the tuesday platform

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Motherly instinct - a Haibun

                                                                       Attribution: Лъчо at Bulgarian Wikipedia
Image: Adorable pair (here)

Hank's sister two years younger has been unusually happy
these last few days  A nine-year-old tended to be a little
secretive. It would not be easy to understand them. She
used to be grumpy and often hid herself in her room sulking
when things did not come her way. We were quite used to it.
This morning I caught a glimpse of her rushing across the
lounge and disappeared into the store-room hiding something
behind her back. It was very unlike her. She used to confide
to me whenever she got into jams. I gave her about fifteen
minutes before swinging open the store-room door. She
would have jumped up surprised but not this time. She was
 composed, and whispered, 'be quiet!' in an authoritative
manner, at the same time pointing to some old rags at the
corner. Something stirred beneath and out popped two little
heads, the cutest I had seen. 'brought some food, Mom not 
aware of them. Jane gave them to me a week ago'

There were little dolls
Cut off from reality
Motherly instinct

Grace's at d'Verse with Lady Nyo's
Haibun Monday #28 -  childhood experience

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Just to prove nicotine was harmless

                                                                                            Attribution: Arcadiuš
Image: Uncontrolled bonfire (here)

11 of 12 given words:
enact meager spark day quarter nicotine fusion queasy
mealy (feeling rough and dry in your mouth)
parapraxis (thought to reveal unconscious wishes or attitudes)
scapegrace (a habitually unscrupulous person; scamp.)

What was there to enact
Perhaps not just some meager episode
Did you remember what they did?
Not the one that sparked things off!
Yes, that was the one

For a day and a quarter it was utter confusion
Just to prove nicotine was harmless
And nothing queasy about it but just
a mealy feeling in the mouth
They decided to put it to test

Not unlike a parapraxis but with a
wicked desire to cause mischief

They did not wish just to smoke a fag
But lighted up at a petrol station
That was their weird idea of fun
A fusion of a scapegrace and a nut
What a conflagration!

MLMM's Wordle #137 January

to seal a future of leisure

                                                                        Attribution: Zharif the Future Surgeon's
                                                                                                                                         CC BY 2.0
Image: A Natural Beauty (here)

10 of 12 given words:
preen (making oneself look attractive)
single cheat climb leap reap 
seal feeble lean truth 

Botox 'plastic' nose and chins
How ladies preen themselves
With the single purpose of being
pretty and they are not cheats
Ladies look more elegant and
desirable when they look good

High-heeled and prim to project
a sexy gait without extra efforts
Enhanced rump and breasts to be
described as 'generously endowed'

The climb to the top is a great leap
forward with minimal efforts
To reap the gains to seal a future
of leisure is all in their hands
No more Plain Janes with feeble
excuses of not making out but
one with lean and stunning good
looks to make their man happy

Truth be told do man mind at all?

Brenda's Sunday Whirl's #281
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #335

Parasol of immense weight

                                                                                              Attribution: Basotxerri
Image: A Construction Wonder (here)

Pandering to some forces
Parasol of immense weight
Mysterious appearance dotting
the landscape void of reasons

Perhaps intelligent beings
with untold physical strengths
on whirlwind visits to earth
mustered their draconian order

Unpretentious in design but
of architectural brilliance
devoid of heavy equipment

Could not imagine unlucky
earthlings forced to assist
One often wonders how?
(55 words)

Kerry's at Real Toad's  with
Flash Fiction 55 -  play it again!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fulfilled with bundle of joy

                                                                                                Attribution: Rangbaz
Image: The Cute One (here)

Together as one
Touch of the heart, miracles
do follow closely
Expectations of couples
Fulfilled with bundle of joy

Chev's Carpe Diem #1119 -  miracles

Friday, January 6, 2017

Wrought with untold risks

                                                                                         Attribution: Matt Tillett
Image: Swooping down (here)

Wrought with untold risks
'Friend' appeared  out of nowhere
Fair weather suspect

Eagle in the air
Young chicks wandered on the ground
Danger of strong grips

Chev's Carpe Diem #1118 -  recklessness

Thursday, January 5, 2017

pressed hard at her sides or prowled around

                                                                         Attribution: Sylvia Chan Art
Image: New Beginnings (here)

Sunday's Whirligig 10 of 12 given words:
sleep pressed prowls hungry remind
inhale fear meek spring siblings

3WW given words:
hateful incorrigible gaping

There were times it moved in her sleep
pressed hard at her sides or prowled around
hungry it seemed to remind her of the love
she was carrying

New beginnings how she remembered it well
She was there all the time in fact it was the climax
The climax to 9 months of happiness and anxiety
It was inhale...exhale...inhale,
a reassuring voice
Hold it! Push..yes.. push harder..yes. 
a slap at the butt
Now she was holding a crying little 'un in her arms

In an instant she had forgotten the hateful reaction
the anger the cravings and the put-off to male odor
all the very nature of healthy pregnancy

It was beginning to make her incorrigible
gripping and fearfully in a gaping abyss in
thought or meek and docile at times
It used to spring surprises to hubby and siblings alike
The D-day to birthing put paid to the testing times

How men envy the privilege bestowed on women
For which men are naturally disadvantaged

Mish's at d'Verse's  -  new beginnings
MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #93
Thomg's 3WW week #513

Monday, January 2, 2017

a bundle at the edge of the road

                                                                               Attribution: Ilmari Nen
Image: Lying in the cold (here)

10 of 12 given words:
headlight fetal spell pity radio melody
cryophilic (thriving in low temperatures)
promontory (land projecting into the sea)
insular (relating to an island)
china (the material)

It was dark in the woods outside
It was eerie and cold

The headlights suddenly hit upon
a bundle at the edge of the road
Lying in a fetal position,a human form
It was not overly cryophilic but it
would spell disaster to be on the
ground not adequately dressed
More so the promontory part
of the plateau was subject to
an insular type of climate
It was like sitting on a cold slab
of china in a cold room, a pity!

The car radio was blaring a
remorseful melody for the past hour
Was this the missing housewife
heard earlier?

MLMM's January Wordle #136
Photo Challenge #146
Kerry's at Real Toad's - the tuesday platform

He was not entirely blameless but ...

                                                                                                      Attribution: Ross
Image: Caged up (here)

Brenda's 12 given words:
always back bang  ball  bruise muffled 
demon mean cruel cost hang boot

Elizabeth's given word:  finish

He had always been reminded
to come  back with a bang

The ball was at his feet
His bruised ego took a beating
He could only register muffled protests
All because  a demon of a guy was
mean enough not to tell the whole truth

Most cruel of them to believe the spin
It had cost him time and money
Someone had done him in

He decided to hang on
He was not finished as yet
They could boot him out
for a longer time but a plea-
bargain was out of the question
It was more or less admitting guilt
He would have none of it!

He was not entirely blameless but
he should not take the full brunt of
the rap in its entirety alone.

The mastermind was let off easy
on technicalities and he was sick
to the bones thinking about it

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #280
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 40  -  finish
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #334

Saturday, December 31, 2016

All dressed up but with reservations

                                                                                                  Attribution: MlMM's
Image: All Dressed up for the New Year (here)

Many may not realize it
We anticipate just as much
To welcome a new beginning
All dressed up but with reservations
Where are we heading?
(25 words)

MLMM's New Year’s Eve
Flash Bash: in 25 words or less

Friday, December 30, 2016

Silence is not really an option

                                                                         Attribution: Ben Manski (CC-BY-SA 2.5)
Image: Campaigning can be Fiery (here)

Mama Zen's given words:
adulting - (in a way characteristic of a responsible adult)
alt-right (an ideological grouping characterized by a rejection of mainstream politics and by the use of online media to disseminate deliberately controversial content)
glass cliff  (woman or minority aspiring to a leadership position where the risk is high)
latinx (A gender-neutral or to Latino or Latina)
woke (alert to injustice in society, especially racism)

Elizabeth's given word:
Day 39  -  silence

Silence is not really an option
Adulting through an alt-right insistence
is not right either

Treading on a fine line
whether a glass cliff or latinx
will alert impacts on woke

Beauty of online media being an
unlikely savior to the wiles of
shenanigan assertions of wild
politics is kept in check

Though the euphoria of supporters
is still on high but the voice of
skeptics are just as deafening
(70 words)

Mama Zen's at Real Toad's  -  words 
count with Mama Zen
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 39

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

It was a mountain-top viewing phenomena

                                                                                                   Attribution: Alegna
Image: The Matterhorn (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
bottom breath discovered blue mirror 
match drowning love losing dressed

3WW given words:
dappled (having spots of a different shade, tone, or color)
elaborate  filthy,

Elizabeth's Challenge  - relief

What a relief now one was at the bottom
It was most breath-taking up there
Discovered by chance a long
time ago by some enthusiasts
it was a mountain-top viewing phenomena
A sight to behold

Everything seemed in hues of blue
Though there were spots  dappled of other
tones mottled mirror-like in the foreground
It was an elaborate match to the vicinity of
that around the Matterhorn

Nature-lovers were drowning in sorrow though
Despite the love for conservation they were losing
out to the filthy habits of the anti-social elements
These people found it convenient to have the
environment dressed up with all sorts of rubbish
upon leaving the scene

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #92
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 38  -  relief
Thomg's 3WW week #512

Sustenance of its beauty

                                                                                      Attribution: Mohitmongia99
Image: Moon's reflection on its
Dome a wonder to behold (here)

Posthumous love cries
Shah Jahan's Taj for Mumtaz
Path of eloquence
Strums of sita melody
Sustenance of its beauty

Enhanced reflections
Over its marble structure
Mesmerized mankind
Gradient of honour music
in tandem with Lord Buddha

Chev's Carpe Diem #1109 Siddharta's
Journey by Guy Sweens
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 37 - path

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

a rich uncle bequeathed untold riches

                                                                                                    Attribution; Olevy
Image: Part of the largest treasure of gold
coins found from an exposed seabed (here)

the 12 given words:
stroke gutter discolour sound impatience fabric knife
passel (a group or lot of indeterminate number)
rum cull (a rich fool, easily cheated)
jackboot (bullying authoritarian measures)
gloss (to give a deceptively good appearance)
terminal (forming the end or of something)

By a stroke of good fortune
a rich uncle had bequeathed untold riches
unto his favourite nephew

Having a passel of cronies the
lucky soul was determined not to
be taken in for a rum cull easily
He would not be tamed through
a gutter of spins to discolour
his sound judgement

The vultures' impatience spun
through  a fabric weaved of well-paying
commercial ventures were forthcoming
It could perhaps be nurtured with jackboot
tendencies that might slice cleanly like
a knife unto his head

It would be 'convenient' for them
then to easily lay their hands
on the inheritance

To gloss over a flawed business plan
would be invigorating but invariably
time-wasting and might even prove fatal

A terminal feature of his wealth-saving
device was simple -  just laugh it off!

He was not to  be taken up by any
crazy propositions from such
fair-weather 'friends'

MLMM's Wordle #135
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 36  -  invigorate
Marian's at Real Toad's -  the tuesday platform

Sunday, December 25, 2016

what was the drift?

                                                                                          Attribution: Petar Milošević
Image: He got it right! (here)

the 12 given words:
drift mind decline slip chime sign 
melt chin bananas wrap tower burn

what was the drift?
his mind declined to answer
sadly it had happened

he let slip the chime
a sure sign it did melt
he tried to keep his chin up
in vain efforts of maintaining
some form of authority

had he gone bananas?
he could not even wrap it up
when given the chance

he towered over the rest
when at his best
but he burned the
goodness this time around
he could only manage to
breathe some light greetings
before he began to stammer

the ring was safely in his grips
but still in his pocket!
to think this was the second attempt

why was it so difficult to pop
the six-million dollar question
and slip it on?.

Brenda's Sunday Whirl's Wordle #279
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 35  -  greetings

Saturday, December 24, 2016

....and not caught just yet!

                                                                                        Attribution: Pinterest
Image: Fair use through Pinterest

A riddle through a Shadorma:
a six-lined stanza (or sestet) with
a syllable count of  3/5/3/3/7/5

of no known
address with eight friends
roaming nights
presumed with
gifts unseen but happy and
appeared drunk on coke

be wary
for had the habit
of sneaking
into houses with children
but not caught just yet!

For Bastet's at MMLM's B&P Shadorma and Beyond  -  Christmas,
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 34  -  gifts and
Gillena's at Real Toad's  -  collaborating with Christmas 

Friday, December 23, 2016

He came and went unannounced

                                                                                                       Attribution: Jared
Image: Spectacle of Dancing Lights
 - Santa & Reindeer  (here)

In public in a jiffy
And all in one night

Made it all happen
Finality to efforts
On the Christmas tree
Stockings all stuffed with presents
He came and went unannounced

For Chev's Carpe Diem 2016
#7 - Twas The Night Before Christmas
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 33  -  public

A prayer so true

                                                                           Attribution: longtrekhome
Image: A Falun Dafa's  Fifth  meditation exercise (here)

Hands clasped together
Hoping beyond salvation
A prayer so true
Quiet meditation sought
With no loss of directions

For Chev's Carpe Diem 2016 #6  -  meditation
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 32   -  prayer

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

One of its kind still found on the road

                                                                                          Attribution : Fanny Schertzer
Image: A Vintage Vainly Sought after (here)

11 of 12 given words:
painted white wildest streams 
passing city swish water sleeve cars
pines (to yearn deeply)

3WW given words:
clunker (something worthless or inferior)
apathy (absence of interest in or enthusiasm)

Clunker of a jalopy many had mistakenly
believed but of which he was extremely proud
One of its kind still found on the road
Bashful neither
Embarrassed none
Apathy of others had not rubbed on

Had been tinkering on it for many years
The better of his life so to speak
Had it painted in conservative white
not of any wildest of psychedelic colors

Was challenged by streams of youngsters
passing in their sleek speedsters on occasions
whenever in the city

They menacingly swished past
splashing muddied water in the process
even on his sleeves laughing away

He had not pined for any fast cars
for he breathed satisfaction on this one
and enjoyed the leisurely pace

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #91
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 31  -  breathe
Thomg's 3WW week #511

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

had a way then to transform them

                                                                                          Attribution: Name invalid
Image:Three drug addicts seen smoking
a huge amount of crack cocaine (here)

the 12 given words:
swill wildness tidal barefaced
zilch (zero, nothing)
amphetamine (a drug to lift the mood from a depressive state)
relent (to change become more mild or amenable
reverie (a daydream)
avarice (insatiable greed for riches)
The Fourth Rule (there is an exception to every rule.)
sanguine (cheerfully optimistic)

A mind that swilled in wildness
Likened to tidal wave proportions
impacting on a barefaced soul
They were lost  in a zilch of nothingness

The amphetamine's initial effects
had a way then to transform them
It was a slow progress towards a relaxed
state to relent in beautiful riverie

That was what every junkie sadly
hoped for every time and all the time
after popping in a fix
No more cravings in enhancing
an avarice of worldly wealth

But there seemed a common possibility
 though of The Fourth Rule being triggered off
There could be spasms of violent reactions
to sandpaper all the expectations of
 a sanguine peacefulness.

They eventually suffered alone in a dream-like
stupor not bothered nor aware of the real world

MLMM's Wordle #134
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 30  -  beautiful
Kerry's at Real Toad's   -  the tuesday platform

Red-nosed guiding light

                                                                                                        User: Lomvi Cornelia.
Image: Hurry, Christmas is Coming! (here)

Glowed bright in the night
Protected them on the rounds
Red-nosed guiding light
Earlier taunts long forgotten
Now they gleefully took flight

For Carpe Diem 2016 #3 Christmas Carols and
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 29 - protect

Monday, December 19, 2016

A symbol of the times

                                                                                Attribution: Joe Mabel
Engrossed in talking (here)

12 of 13 given words:
card couch cushion lounge grave now
machine volume never symbol groove grind 

It is on the cards
A couch potato snug on the cushions
Having the lounge all to himself
Appears to be a habit in the making

It may seem grave but now rampant
A mean machine and the TV is on
The volume is full blast
Never a dull moment

A symbol of the times
One is in the groove
A world of one's own!

Fingers on the smart-phone
Grinding his teeth one moment
And laughter the next moment
Interspersed with an occasional obscenity
A game in progress most intense
With someone somewhere
but unknown and unseen
Books do not interest them
The youngsters of today

Brenda's Sunday Whirl #278  -  baker's dozen
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #333
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge
Day 27  -  laughter
Day 28  -  symbol

Saturday, December 17, 2016

He held out on his own strength

                                                                                          Attribution: Charlesjsharp
A Confident Self (here)

Bane of great talents
Development lacked sponsors
No threat to Onslow
He held out on his own strength
All the gain to French music

Chev's Carpe Diem  #1098
Symphony No. 1 by Georges Onslow
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 26 - threat

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Expected to be mothered all the time

                                                                                              Attribution: Julianortega
Image: Nursing 4 Kittens (here)

11 of 12 given words:
warp mutter mother sticky wasting 
ways slipped faces father mouth straw

3WW words:
unacceptable vain wakeful

Held onto a warped view of life
Muttering incessantly to himself
Expected to be mothered all the time
Rather sticky responding to orders
In his own wasting ways
he was vain in his attitude
A father figure mouthing
unpleasantries whenever
he felt like doing it

In his wakeful hours he wanted
them to serve him well
When he slipped under the covers
to retire the night there were
happy faces from those around

He was beginning to be unacceptable
It was the last straw until they realized
it was all but some silly mistakes
He was a she after all!
and 'he' was pregnant!

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #90
Thomg's 3WW #510
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 25  -  mistakes
Bjorn's at d'Verse's OLN #186

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Flowing leisurely it seeks to throw its weight around - a Twiglet

                                                                                  Attribution:  NOAA Photo Library,
Image: Cumulonimbus (Thunderstorm)
forming in background (here)

Flowing leisurely it seeks to throw
its weight around to seek its own
level. Mindful though it is shadowed
by the clouds above ever willing to
release its weight when convenient

For Miskey's Twiglet #2  -  the weight of water
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 24  -  shadow

Why couldn't they be more tolerant?

                                                                                                Attribution: Sage Ross
Image: A Hand-held Saviour (here)
(comes in handy with a 'clock')

It made him boil for an instant
He had just walked into the room
Sheepishly he remarked without thinking
'sorry I'm late'
Then someone replied,
'it is ok, we're just leaving!'

On another occasion, unwittingly he blurted out
without even looking up,
'what's the time now, anyone?'
A nerd (Yes, he was!) stood up
He went into a discourse on how to make a watch

Why couldn't they be more tolerant?
Why indulge in sarcasm to show displeasure?
Why time wasting to square off points?
Why not allow for some freedom in little mistakes?

All goes to show the truth of the adage,
'look before you leap'

For Lillian's at d'Verse   -  It’s all in the timing!
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 23  -  freedom

Monday, December 12, 2016

with intent to capture their hearts

                                                                                         Attribution: Nigel Chadwick
Image: Birds Skimming the Water (here)

10 of 12 given words:
birdseed capture heart
ludic (playful in an aimless way)
descendent askance
edelweiss (a liqueur flavored with alpine flowers)
lantern gnash curse

birdseeds placed in the empty cage
with intent to capture their hearts
ludic in a way trying to lure them in
but as a descendant of a wild predator
they looked askance at all the furore
thoughts seemed numbed of edelweiss
they still advanced forward safety as a group
but a sudden gust with force
like a lantern caught in the wind
slammed the window with a loud bang
it tweaked their focus off they flew again
knowing for certain unsafe to be back

how he gnashed  his teeth with fury
how silly to have left the aviary ajar
was there a reason to curse and rant
for forgetfulness endured
was a grim lesson

For MLMM's Wordle #133
Elizabeth's Creativity Challenge Day 22  -  endure