Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bright flowers engulfed the slopes

                                                                                                    Author : Alpsdake
Image; Mount Haku from Ookura Ridge
(Hakusan from Ookuraone) (here)

                                                                    Attribution: Alvesgaspar
Image: Colorful Morning Glory (here)

Mount Haku stood strong
Bright flowers engulfed the slopes
Asked for consideration
Morning glory sought refuge
Happy to be among friends

Retention of life
Birth place of famed Chiyo-ni
Set for nature's best

Lavender colored
Rapport with fencing support
Striving for the sky

Note: Famed female haiku poet Chiyo-Ni was 
most known for her haiku on Morning Glory

Chev's Carpe Diem #1159 Matto,
birthplace of Chiyo-Ni
Marian's at Real Toad's -  the tuesday platform

Monday, February 20, 2017

How to stomach a plethora of unlikely bore

                                                                                           Attribution:Wellcome Images
Image: The Sign of the Times (here)
(A Political Cartoon)

Inspired by Charles Bukowski's .
"And the Moon and the Stars and the World"
in not more than 10 lines

In rapt concentration he looked up to the skies
Twitching his eyes knowing it was worth fighting for
At the pinnacle of his power accused of telling lies
How to stomach a plethora of unlikely bore

Detractors took pleasure in testing the waters
Pushed him to the wall questioning his every move
Opened himself to all the moon and stars in the world
In extended numbers more than he could chew

In his own swashbuckling ways fighting back smiling
A month down the road it was just only the beginning

Kerry's at Real Toads's Micro Poetry - and the moon

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Only Alcatraz had that unsavory reputation

                                                                                                 Attribution: Unknown
Image: He sprung into action (here)
(Bekkie's Image as provided)

the 11 of 12 given words:
line hope marooned sign deny 
seem deal sky stream swing fill

He lined up his hopes of making a getaway
To be marooned on this island prison doing
nothing was a sure sign of a defeatist's attitude

Only Alcatraz had that unsavory reputation
to deny him the freedom so precious

What seemed to be a raw deal was to be
addressed as he was just a small fry
His bosses got away scot-free leaving him
to face the rap languishing in jail alone
Unfinished business in the offing so he
decided and he was unstoppable

When the sky had darkened with streams
of menacing red colors he would swing
into action -  to fill the cravings to be free and
to right the wrong he so desperately yearned

Brenda's Sunday's Whirl Wordle #287
Bekkie's Saturday's Image Write #3
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #341

Why must I be subjected to such creation

                                                                        Artist: Juan Gris (1887–1927)
Image: The Smoker (here)

Expressionism was initially in poetry and painting 
Its typical trait is to present the world solely from 
a subjective perspective, distorting it radically for 
emotional effect in order to evoke moods or ideas 
Expressionist artists sought to express the meaning 
of emotional experience rather than physical reality.

Why must I be subjected to such creation
Distorted by design than by choice of angst
Of traumatic proportions much maligned

Why must I be tendered as an exhibit
Desensitized without trite of conscience
Holding the ford for a generation of artists
Wrought to non-conforming traits and tendencies
Not aligned to straight lines nor realities of
perspectives to space and distances

I am to carry the flag of so-called modern art
devoid of semblance of physical likeness
but rather to account for subjective emotions
that elicited curiosity initially but later of wonder

Of how graphically emotions in stark contrasts
were presented without batting an eye-lid

In the process I am now typically seen and
savored as a masterpiece worth millions

For Bjorn's at d'Verse's  -  MTB with expressionism

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Had he the strength to overcome?

                                                                                             Author: Pingz Man
Image: Sad looking Soul (here)

3WW given words:
decaying ember fragrant

Midweek Motif  -  love

Prophetic of his fear in those
dying moments of regret he could
only lament pulsating embers
decaying in his senses

Clamoring tenaciously for a hold
it sustained soft whiffs of fragrant
thoughts of love that ran
through in his hurting heart

Had he the strength to overcome
Had he the resolve to sink his pride?
It could not be a moment better!

He must muster his strength to
rekindle the heat of the past few days
still simmering of Happy Valentine

Have a heart!
He could discern the faint insistence

Thomg's 3WW #319
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif
Lillian's at d'Verse's  -  have-a-heart

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

He had wished for more like-minded Trudeaus

                                                                             Attribution: Alex Guibord
Image: Matured beyond (Good) Looks (here)

the 12 given words:
madly scream blackbird voluminous
crack chain morsel narrow fallen settle
overmorrow (the day after tomorrow)
zenosyne (the sense that time is going faster)

Madly remorseful he could scream murder
Blackmailed by a blackbird in voluminous ire
so he felt so he pondered his future

At the crack of dawn he would gather
in a chain with others looking for morsels
Along that narrow passage were those fallen
to bad times grouped together not of their own
choosing but with others facing a similar fate

He had wished for more like-minded Trudeaus
Enhancing humanitarian efforts to help settle
his brethren caught in the line of Syrian cross-fire
Overmorrow he hoped to see his fortunes change
for the better too and not to be still struggling in the
refugee camp where the zenosyne was troubling

MLMM's Wordle #142
Kerry's at Real Toad's  - the tuesday platform

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Scant attention is all it gets - A Quadrille

                                                                         Attribution: AdiJapan
Image: Been through so many minds (here)

Not given a ghost of a chance
How so cruel this world that fits the bill
Elusive in its make-up more just in passing
Scant attention is all it gets
Much to the consternation of those
who in the background sacrificed
time and money
(44 words)

Kim's at d'Verse's Quadrille #26
and to include the word  -  ghost

His love back home left to fend for itself

                                                                                               Attribution: Newone
Image: A Valentine's Kiss (here)

Inspired by Sanaa's
Love’s a night-song sweet sung by
the tender strokes of wind – Valentine’s Day Special

13 given words:
bled body doors dreamed carved soldiers prayers 
fingernails fire body papers stone brown

His heart bled and his body caved in
owing to constant pressure
Doors to his soul were readily opened ajar
He dreamed of the sanctity of love carved out
pouring in not surreptitiously but in droves

Just as soldiers out at the front
Who could only hope their longings
Wrought with desires fears and prayers
were rightly brought home windswept
through storms hail and snow

He pressed his fingernails deep into his skin
To accentuate the fire burning hot in his body

Even if papers were to turn to stone
Brown with heat from his unrelenting quests
He could not hide his frustrations fighting for
someone else without knowing the reasons
His love back home left to fend for itself
sadly on this Valentine's Day

Brenda's Sunday's Whirligig Wordle #286
Sanaa's Prompt Nights - Valentine’s Day Special

Friday, February 10, 2017

He stuck to his guns

                                                                                            Attribution: Jane Long 
Image: Look Ma, no hands! (here)
(a show-stealer meant for bigger things)

11 given phrases:
pink thistle, cane fields, self-propelled , business districts
Black Oyster Bar, satchel of notebooks, salt domes
ghost-dancing,  cinder and salt deposits
honky-tonk (bar that provides country music)
three persons in one (Holy Trinity)

He stuck to his guns
Would have loved the colorful pink thistle clumps
But ended up in the expanse of drab cane fields
Very much like wanting to be a self propelled
professional in a business district but found
himself thrown into the Black Oyster Bar
a honky-tonk outfit belting out not just
Randy Travis numbers but even
three persons in one gospel music

With a satchel of notebooks
that jutted up like a salt dome
Ghost-dancing like a skilled Indian brave of old
It was no cinder and deposits sort of movements
but trappings of ballroom dancing
cool and collected

This was no mean feat
Mastered through years of dedication
A refined show-stealer!

Stacy's Word List Wednesdays #10
Bekkie's Saturday's Image Write #2
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #340

The Wall yes, the Wall!

                                                                                      Attribution: Airunp
Image: The Great Wall (here)

The Wall yes, the Wall
Defensive and customs posts
Jerico, Hadrian's
China's and Berlin's all in
the past but now a new Wall?
Marian's at Real Toad's  -  walls
Grace's at d'Verse's OLN #189

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

He ought to be forgiven he thought

                                                                                 Attribution: Andreas Eichler
Image: A male Common Blue butterfly (here)

12 given words:
bread butter ferocity gray feed 
home hidden holiness forgiven gutted
burlap (coarse jute fabric)
grained (of textures that are rough to the touch)

3WW given words:
bare crave
asymmetrical (has two sides that don't match - it's uneven)

Midweek Motif  -  space

Bread and butter issues with such
ferocity raced through his gray matter
It's to feed home a crave bare with
emotions but hidden from the likes of
his holiness' guidance that he sought

He ought to be forgiven he thought
He needed space to think clear of grained
ideas already gutted to be best stored
in a burlap now drained of energy

He was still troubled by his asymmetrical
brain that went in many directions and he
was literally stumped for good answers

Thomg's 3WW week #318
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  space
MMT's Sunday's Whiligig #98

Shaken he stirred sour faced.

                                                                                                   Author: Corwinhee
Image: Locked in Combat (here)

Two offerings:

Shaken he stirred sour faced. 
Got straight up a twist of his head
and back on his feet
His marriage on the rocks
but nothing kamikaze
Must find a tonic to make up
(33 words)

Name your poison let's have a duel
It is a kamikaze tie, one on liquid courage
Twist straight up as it may be the last call
Prove your elixir of youth is intact
(33 words)

De's at d'Verse's Poetics  -  muse mixology

Monday, February 6, 2017

What's more, I have likeness of one!

                                                                                                      Author: Tbachner
Image:  Orang Utan a Distant Cousin (here)

the 12 given words:
polite drown escape
exulansis (n.wandering restlessly in the fog)
diabolist (devilish or fiendish)
seethe soften fanfare accelerate mess likeness
adroit (nimble in the use of the hands or body.)

I don't wish to be impolite
But I'm utterly crushed
Tried to drown my sorrows
To escape from this exulansis
A diabolist a throwback on my
very existence

Seething with frustration
More than just in anger
I just cannot soften my stand
A fanfare ought to do it
Must accelerate my resolve
Got to get the mess out of this

I'm even better, see!
Adroit and ambidextrous
What's more, I have likeness of one
Why can't I be more human than just looks

For Amber's MLMM's Wordle #141
Marian's at Real Toad's  the tuesday platform

Saturday, February 4, 2017

On a silver platter in unusual fashion

                                                                                         Attribution: Bekkie Sanchez
Image: What a Dish! (here)

Best choice as of the waters' token
Array of offerings to test with relish
On a silver platter in unusual fashion
An angler's delight, what a dish!

A dash of lime a clove of garlic
Whet the appetite in simple measures
Nothing spectacular just a wayward chick
Dreams of a quick fix for a connoisseur
(55 words)

Bekkie's  Saturday's Image Write #1
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #339
Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  flash 55 plus

Friday, February 3, 2017

With a rhythmic gait an alluring eyeful

                                                             Author: Edmund H. Garrett (1853-1929)
Image: Silky Tresses Trailing (here)

An idyllic setting is not a requisite
To ignite an avalanche of loving care
Largesse of feelings bubbling inside
All that is lucrative to be laid bare

For oft, when on my couch I lie 
In vacant or in pensive mood, 
They flash upon that inward eye 
Which is the bliss of solitude

Lissom being elegant and beautiful
Silky tresses trailing in the winds
A rhythmic gait an alluring eyeful
Playfully in memory none to rescind

Lavishly listless outwardly a constraint
Emptiness often beside my lonely self
You have gone without time to explain
Cruelty to a soul a sacrilege to assess

Note: To write inspired by the Bard of Rydal
Mount – William Wordsworth. In italics is part
of the 4th stanza of William 's 'I Wandered
Lonely as a Cloud'

For Sanaa's Prompt Nights – Writing is both
mask and unveiling. (Battle of the Bards) – [40]

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bough of the strong oak looked menacing

                                                                                 Attribution: Ally Saunders
Image: Arbutus from Ally Art - Bough
of a tree (here)

12 given words:
poking pain proper hummingbirds heavy 
survive storm sky can compare heard, country,

3WW given words:
vapid (adjective: uninspired, colorless, uninteresting)
tangy (adjective: zesty, spicy)

PU's Midweek Motif  -  faith

Poking fun at pain that unhinged slowly
Not being vapid but amusingly more tangy
Was it proper for hummingbirds freely
To suck it in but remaining stationary?

Bough of the strong oak looked menacing
Heavy protocol to survive storms and lightning
Sky could sympathize unabated quietly imparting
Faith so sanguine to effectively rejuvenating

Nothing to compare strength of character
Heard and seen what a country could offer

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #97
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif
Thomg's 3WW week #317
Mish's at d'Verse Peotics - Ally Saunders

Pain in his heart to be witnessing

                                                                                   Attribution: Nekneeraj
Image: Cruising aimlessly

11 of 12 given words:
naked pain tighten sparrow electrify wait
kudoclasm (feels like your life is flashing before your eyes, but it’s actually the opposite)
somaticize (verb - to convert (anxiety) into physical symptoms)
aberrant (behavior departs substantially from the norm of a group)
shaft (a long vertical passage sunk into the earth, as for a mine or tunnel)
deadbolt (a type of lock that you need a key to open)

Misconstrued of his naked intentions
Just cruising around to while away his time
Pain in his heart to be witnessing how
it tightened around the sparrow's neck

A flash in the darkened night
At the spot it was electrified
A kudoclasm imposed in a long wait
to be somaticized with a sudden force

Life and death snuffed out in aberrant fashion
Shoved in a manner into a shaft of emptiness
How a wayward little bird met its end in the dark
There was no necessity of a deadbolt
to provide a clean passage of demise

Nekneeraj's at MLMM's Photo Challenge #150 (here)
Kerry's at Real Toad's the tuesday platform

Monday, January 30, 2017

A desire to correct the ills swirling - a Quadrille

                                                                          Attribution:  Parthenos sylvia-Kadavoor
                                                             -2016-06-25-001" © 2016 Jee & Rani Nature Photography
Image: Peaceful adherence (here)

Resurgence of the startled proliferation of thoughts
Made its presence felt in the hours at dawn-break
What prompted it to show its ugly head
but the desire to correct the ills swirling

Outright jitters in the lot affecting choices
that impinged on human liberties
(44 words)

For Bjorn's at d'Verse -  a Quadrille #25
and to include the word -  dawn

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Risks on a journey

                                                                                   Attribution: Frode Inge Helland
Image: On a path less traveled (here)

Risks on a journey
Putting welfare on the line
On the road again
Gods smile with good-naturedness
Safe with some secured lodgings

Chev's Carpe Diem #1138  -  hspitality

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Made short work of obstacles

                                                                                         Attribution: Didier Descouens
Image: A Bridge in Venice (here)

Confidence across
Very much like drifting clouds
Opening a way
Shortcut to enhance commerce
Life blood fulfilling a wish

Great people movers
Shared responsibilities
Populist ideas
Made short work of obstacles
Vision of City Fathers

For Chev's Carpe Diem #1137  -  bridge 

Friday, January 27, 2017

Or can it be considered a great work of art?

                                                                                                Attribution: Sage Ross
Image: A California Juniper bonsai  (here)

the 16 given words:
monument country  waste desert pitiless ceremony tide
gyre (spiral shape that petals make in the face of a flower)
artifice (a subtle and crafty trick)
neglect anarchy tatter center drowsy holy innocence

Can it pass off as a monumental
hype in the country-side
One that laid waste in a desert environment
A pitiless existence without ceremony?

Or can it be considered a great work of art
Carefully crafted in accordance with the tide of  opinions
Sans gyre in all greatness but an artifice
to play tricks on the eyes!

Not to neglect an anarchy of ideas but rather
to painstakingly nurture its seemingly tattered
image into something exquisite

It can serve as a center of attraction in its
drowsy shape to be exhibited in
all of its holy innocence!


For Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  get listed

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Unafraid of the consequences

                                                                                                  Attribution: A.Savin 
Image: Slums Neglected by Authorities (here)

11 of 12 given words:
resistance defiance demands unafraid doubt
promises talk suspicion clown academic lies,

Resistance to change
Defiance set in their demands
Unafraid of the consequences
No doubts at all in their resolve

What turned them into
anti-establishment elements?

Promises more promises
Talks more talks that created
strange suspicions

It was somewhat clownish
now and purely academic
It was tantamount to outright
lies in their perception
It wasn't an easy way out

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #96
Grace's at d'Verse's OLN #188

Let it not be said he was unfairly treated

                                                                                      Attribution: Charlesjsharp
Image: Well composed and confident (here)

3WW given words:
rotund parched scandalous

Rotund in ideas pushing his weight around
Wanting to make an impact in staggered tones

Was still exercising confidence thumbing his nose
At all and sundry remaining well composed

Parched in his make-up to counter the objections
He was not about to give in, his immediate reaction

Could he sustain the scandalous mode so apparent
To hide behind a thin veil for good reasons?

Let it not be said he was unfairly treated
From the looks of things he was well regarded

It was all a question of perception in their eyes
To be unduly alarmed with his objectionable voice

Perhaps he should also try to make it a lot easier
Change within easy limits for the better

For Thomg's 3WW #516
Sumana's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  change

Monday, January 23, 2017

Been days, yet to get a decent bite what a bungle!

                                                                           Attribution: Mario Gervais
Image: MLMM's with NEKNEERAJ's Photo Challenge (here)

11 of 12 given words:
bed mice nose grab collect image pin
pupa (insect in the transformation stage following the larva stage)
sear (cook or burn by applying intense heat)
triptych (hinged, three-leaved tablet, written on, in ancient times)
pleonasm (use of more words than necessary;redundancy)

Embedded as a jailbird behind closed doors
Much like a big pupa rolled up in a bundle
Seared by the heater immobilized at the ground floor
Been days, yet to get a decent bite what a bungle

Should  have stocked up for the winter
Like all small creatures mice squirrels and more
A nose for some steak to be downed with beer
Whatever he could grab at the downtown store

Worked on the tablet like a triptych for his poems
He then got behind the wheel but ended looking dumb
His works earlier had already showed lots of pleonasm
Now thick snow along the driveway added to the glum

Had to collect some grub his tummy noise was a bother
The image otherwise was not looking good for him
Pinned his hopes on the weather turning out for the better
Taught him a bitter lesson or he would end up on the brink

Amber's at MlMM's Wordle #139
Marian's at Real Toad's -  the tuesday platform 
NEKNEERAJ's at MLMM's Photo Challenge #149

Sunday, January 22, 2017

touch of class is all there is to make things easy

                                                                             Author: Sam Oth (User:World Trekker)
Image: Perfection of an open bloom (here)

12 given words:
birth burden light reach soul hope 
cope touch heavy heart given earth 

birth of a new day just as a flower opens to bloom
burden of yesterday left in the trash and out of mind
make light of strange voices likely to create gloom
for to reach out of the closet of uncertainty is divine

a soul rich with hopes to render a new beginning
each intervening voice stifles a golden opportunity
for to cope with tinnitus can be most infuriating
touch of class is all there is to make things easy

surrendering to a heavy heart is likely to frustrate efforts
solutions are not without problems for they are part of it
nothing by nature will point to failure given good methods
difficulties troubling Mother Earth are short of a good fit?

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #283
Brendan's at Real Toad's Sunday Mini Prompt  -  voices

Friday, January 20, 2017

Loneliness forced the issue that led him astray

                                                                      Attribution: Aiko, Thomas & Juliette+Isaac
Image: His Indiscretions Readily Forgiven (here)

12 given words:
broken plank cliff longer mistake revenge, 
music, everything loneliness, create,snare pepper 

Traumatic experience of a broken promise
Made to walk the plank at top of the cliff
No longer a mistake but an act of revenge
Had to face the music despite being a friend

Everything seemed normal much of the way
Loneliness forced the issue that led him astray
Created dissensions but still a calculated risk
Before he was ensnared, away he was whisked

Strangely enough being unfaithful had its rewards
What he had to do then but returned with all his faults
Peppered with love and smothered with kisses
Welcomed back most profoundly by the bitches

Note: Make no mistake. This is humor inclined. 
A stray dog story. 'Bitches' referred to the canines!

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #95
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #337

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Pathetic excuses of not having enough time

                                                                                                  Attribution: Jeepika
Image: Horizontal Sundial (here)

Inspired by the metaphor  -  time is a thief 

What can be more damning than
to be labeled a 'time squanderer'
Privileged with 24 hours everyday
A luxury to be utilized but not
in any way maximized nor exploited
Yet whiners are aplenty
Pathetic excuses of not having time

Haven't they heard time is a thief?
Given half a chance time will outwit
Pushed to the wall time will
vehemently bid a fight-back to
spew unsolicited stress and worry

Let not other's insistence drown our
inner voice but pleading for more
-  it is futile

Time is given without fear or favor
Selfishly tuck it within our waist-band
Manage it intelligently to follow our heart
You'll see what you get, 24 hours
To beg for more is moronic!

For Stacie's at Real Toad's  - on 
poetry, writing & metaphor 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Oblivious of contending looks

                                                                                          Attribution: SandyCole 
Image: Elegance of the Wild (here)

the 3WW given words:
misogynist (woman-hater sexist)
neophyte (novice beginner, learner)

Poets United

Oblivious of contending looks
Attesting to curiosity of his intentions
He was not entirely affected
Neither was he bothered

He had taken a stand
So he had decided
He was not about to back-track
Nor was he keen on an about-turn

Me, a misogynist?
No, I admire women
I long for their presence
their upkeep and frailty
their sweet caresses and humor
not a neophyte though but
matured enough

Sweet banter of light moments
What I wouldn't give for resurgence
of innocence of youth

Yes, unity in thinking
and succulent exchange of ideas
The elegance that both enjoy!
Never a dull moment
Astound me, yes!

Thomg's 3WW week #515
Susan's at PU's Mid-week Motif   -  unity

Monday, January 16, 2017

he knew she was definitely luxuriant

                                                                                            Attribution: Chris Wood
Image:Fry's Island, on the River Thames (here)

the 12 given words:
trudge froth pour green toes inward crush
yew (evergreen trees with its branches as a symbol of sorrow)
prickle (tingling sensation on a person's skin, caused by strong emotions)
harbinger ( a forerunner of something)
dross (something regarded as worthless)
psittacism (repetition of words or phrases parrot-fashion.)

Sluggishly trudging frothing at the mouth
Even the waters off Fry's Island was faster
Pain in his heart no one to pour out his woes
Excepting the greens on the island waving
their branches in a collective show of yew

Pulling himself awkwardly with toes inwards
Vaguely aware of light prickles on his cheeks
A harbinger of better days ahead perhaps

He tried to console himself thinking aloud,
'have the patience to sift through the dross'
No, he knew she was definitely luxuriant
His crush for her was beyond his psittacism
No turning back an inner voice whispered

Yves's at MLMM's January Wordle #138
Kerry's at Real Toad's  -  the tuesday platform 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Misgivings of global warming

                                                                                           Attribution: Vaido Otsar
Image: Nice cool effects (here)
11 of 12 given words:
wake shrill blue ribbon draw circle 
water sense peak become singed

The lake used to quiver in the early hours to
wake up the sleepy heads with shrill cries
melodiously shared of migratory birds and
crickets seemingly competing with each other

Levels had shrunk to below the blue ribbon
an imaginary line drawn at the top to circle
around the expanse of the water surface

Misgivings of global warming which seem
sluggish lately but in a sense yet to peak in any
serious discussions on what had become of it

The fossil fuels lobby had singed the scientific
consensus by supporting efforts to undermine
or even to discredit them of their findings

Brenda's Sunday's Whirl Wordle #282
Sherry's at PU's Poetry Pantry #336